COM 345 Week 3 Final Project Prep

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Question Title: COM 345 Week 3 Final Project Prep
Question Description: COM345 Week3 Final Project Prep Final Project Prep. In preparation for your final project, begin researching magazines—in print or online—that interest you. Select 1-2 feature stories that would be good models for your final project. You may choose to write a Feature Story that will add to what has already been written, or you may be inspired to write on a different topic. Write a proposal (1-2 pages) that includes what you think is known about the topic, what you think may be new, how you will research it (electronic resources, interview key subjects, etc.), who your audience is, and what your writing style, tone, etc. will be. Include a list of sources you may need to write your Feature Story and provide a brief summary for each source. (1 page).

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COM 345 Week 3 Final Project Prep
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