COM 325 Week 5 Final Paper

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Question Title: COM 325 Week 5 Final Paper
Question Description: COM325 Week5 Final Paper This course focuses on identifying types of conflicts and resolving conflicts through effective communication techniques. Your Final Paper will be an eight-to ten-page paper (excluding your APA title and reference pages) which details what you learned about conflict and conflict resolution. Select five of the topics listed below and research them using a minimum of five resources. Provide an explanation of the topic and how this can be applied in a professional or personal setting. Provide a conflict situation that you have experienced in your life or one that you anticipate could happen in your current or future employment. Provide your own, personal “best practices” approach to conflict resolution. Detail the critical element of communication and how it is used to resolve conflicts. Your paper should include an introduction paragraph that provides a high-level overview of your paper. In addition, your paper should include a strong conclusion paragraph that brings together the topics discussed. Remember not to introduce any new topics in your conclusion. Conflict Topics for the Final Paper (select five)? Why does conflict occur?? Conflict management? The positive and negative effects of conflict? Role of personality types in conflict management ? Communication techniques ? Ethics and workplace conflicts ? Climate in a conflict situation ?Stress and anger? Facework ? Forgiveness? Mediation and arbitration ? Group conflicts? Organization conflicts

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COM325 Week 5 Final Paper
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