LIB 315 Week 5 Final Project

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Question Title: LIB 315 Week 5 Final Project
Question Description: LIB315 Week5 Final Project Focus of the Final Project There are two components to the Final Project: 1. Research Paper 2. Creative Presentation of the Research Paper The author identifies eight areas of “acute” environmental concern: 1. Global climate/atmospheric change 2. Toxic wastes 3. Loss of land 4. Loss of species 5. Loss of wilderness 6. Devastation of indigenous peoples 7. Human patterns and quantities of consumption 8. Genetic engineering For this project, select one of these areas as your focus in discussing the complex relationships between the environment and the human spirit, as well as how humans respond to or represent nature. The Research Paper will provide the supporting research for the Creative Presentation. The Presentation should be designed to accommodate creative and multiple strategies for representing the selected “environmental concern” and your philosophy or perspective regarding it. Your perspective may be influenced by other philosophies/perspectives that you have researched, accessed through direct experience or derived through culture including literature, film, music and/or art. Periodic progress summaries will be required during Weeks Two, Three, and Four. No Final Project will be accepted without satisfying the requirements. Research Paper Submit a Research Paper that includes the following elements: § Description: Identify your topic and describe the magnitude of this “environmental concern.” § Literature Review: Provide a summary of your research on the significance of the project on the environment or humanity. You should provide a minimum of ten (10) sources. § Analysis: Discuss the complex relationships between the environment and the human spirit and a description of how humans respond to or represent nature. § Correlation: Description of the procedures and/or processes used in the Creative Presentation. § Conclusion: Restate your thesis statement and provide a brief summary of your main points. Be sure not to introduce any new information in your conclusion.

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LIB315 Week 5 Final Project
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