HCA 497 Week 2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations

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Question Title: HCA 497 Week 2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations
Question Description: HCA497 Week2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations. Quality of care and patient safety has become a driving force in the delivery of health care in the twenty-first century. Your paper should address the following: 1. Explain the role of quality oversight in health care organizations and elaborate on how non-clinical personnel contribute to the process. 2. Identify and describe three stakeholder organizations or agencies that contribute to quality oversight within health care organizations in a substantial way. Include at least one government and one non-government organization/agency that focuses on quality of care within the health care field. 3. Answer the following questions for each organization/agency: a. How does this organization/agency contribute to quality of care and patient safety? b. What specific types of oversight does this organization/agency provide? c. What are some of the repercussions that a health care organization could face for violating the standards of the organization/agency? 4. Compare and contrast the three organizations/agencies. 5. Who are some of the other stakeholders involved in promoting quality of care in health care and what role do they play? 6. Given the vast amount of mandatory regulations imposed upon the health care industry, explain why a health care organization might subject itself to participate in voluntary accreditation activities.

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HCA497 Week 2 Quality Oversight in Health Care Organizations
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