ESE631 Week 2 Journal Educator Reflections

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Question Title: ESE631 Week 2 Journal Educator Reflections
Question Description: ESE631 Week2 Journal Educator Reflections Educator Reflections. This week we have discussed learning disabilities and communication disorders. As you may have noticed, most students with these disabilities are in the general education classroom either part of, or most of, the school day. What is your comfort level with teaching students with learning disabilities and/or communication disorders in the general education setting? What challenges do you think you might experience? What actions can you take to mitigate these potential challenges? Journal options: a. Create a written reflection journal b. Create a Jing reflection using a screencast c. Create a Voki reflection using a talking avatar d. Participate in a peer dialogue reflection, where you discuss the questions above with a peer or colleague and write a reflection based on your discussion

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ESE631 Week 2 Journal Educator Reflections
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