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CS 5500 Complete Course Project 1 Complete Solution

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CS 5500 Complete Course Project 1 Complete Solution

CS 5500 Course Project 1

Textbook Page 155: Problem 3.21 or 3.22 (choose only one from these two), see the problems in the next page.

Grade: 100 in total, 10% towards the final grade.

Type: Independent work

Programming language: C, or Java, or any other advanced programming languages

Submission: Submit your code via the Blackboard. Please add necessary comments to the code to help me understand and grade your code. It is also highly recommended to provide several example running results by including the relevant screenshots. This will give some advantage since you partially show proof of correctness. Please zip all the above documents into one file.

The upload page will be closed after the due date so please upload your assignment before the deadline. You may submit your assignments several times to the Blackboard. No email submission is accepted.

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CS 5500 Complete Course Project 1 Complete Solution

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int a=0, b=1, n=a+b,i,ii; pid_t pid; printf("Enter the number of a Fibonacci Sequence:...
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