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Unit 3 Discussion Mother Nature

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Unit 3 Discussion Mother Nature

Unit 3 Discussion

Mother Nature uses a “fail-safe system” to prevent inappropriate activation of the immune system. Provide several examples of this strategy.
Read through the following scenario, then answer the questions below: A 2-year old boy presents with high fever and very swollen lymph nodes in the neck. The pediatrician orders a series of viral titers to measure exposure to 3 viruses. Below are the results of IgM and IgG antibody titers.
Epstein –Barr virus
Igm negative
IgG negative

IgM positive
IgG negative

Coxsackie virus
IgM negative
IgG positive

Answer the following questions and be sure to explain your reasoning:
Which virus is this boy currently infected by? Why?
Which virus has this boy been infected by in the past? Why?
Which virus has the boy never been exposed to? Why?

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Unit 3 Discussion Mother Nature Solution

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