Compensation Analysis for HR Managers

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Compensation Analysis for HR Managers

This activity will build off the Module 1 activity where you will apply the concepts of performance appraisal (PA) & performance management (PM) and compensation.

For this activity, please complete the following:

1. Reflecting on the essential functions of an HR manager, please describe in detail:

a. What specific PA metrics would you focus on in order to both assure performance goals are being met and how to identify top-performers.

            - You must first identify and describe what specific performance goals you would expect for this job.

b. What specific PA methods would you use to assess the performance of an individual in the job? Describe in detail how time, cost, and relevance would be a deciding factor for each of the methods you propose


2. Consider the total compensation profile for this job is $103,000 / year. Then, please complete the following:

a. What non-financial benefits do you think would be an effective way to reward, incentivize, and retain top performers in this job? Please list specific forms of benefits and explain for each why they would be effective.

b. What internal and external factors would you expect to influence the strategic compensation profile for this job? Please give specific examples and explain. (for example, was the job listed as having a 'bright outlook' in O*NET and what are the current job KSA trends)


3. Consider the employee engagement and motivation challenges for this job, please complete the following:

Discuss (in general) what type of commitment you feel would be typical of someone occupying this job (i.e,, affective, normative, and continuous commitment) and then explain what compensation and benefit strategy you feel would be an effective approach (taking into consideration the recruitment and selection plans, and the prevailing wages/ salary data) toward increasing the level of employee engagement and sustaining desirable levels of motivation.


4. Consider how performance metrics would be used for training and development for this job.

a. What approach(s) to training would you take to address performance deficiencies taking into account the essential function KSAs as well as the work context, work style, and work values?

b. Given the 'interests' and 'work style' information, describe what approach to learning you feel would be most effective to ensure training transfer.


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compensation analysis for HR managers

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