Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media

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Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media

KKP001 Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy

Sem 1 2014



Assessment Topic



What skills and knowledge do creative entrepreneurs require in the contemporary creative economy?

This reflective essay must identify and describe relevant examples from specific sectors of the creative industries (for example fashion or the videogames industry). It must summarise and apply critically key concepts and principles about entrepreneurial practice and the creative industries introduced in this unit to develop a Creative Practitioner

Career Plan (detailing the steps you will take to develop and exercise entrepreneurial skills).


This essay must be supported by appropriate research and references introduced in the unit.


This essay can draw on examples from your own practices or experiences to develop and propose the Creative Practitioner Career Plan.


 Your response could consider some of the following factors and issues:

•  Specific skills and mindsets required for the creative entrepreneur

•  How to develop and build entrepreneurial skills

•  Challenges & obstacles to developing entrepreneurial skills

•  Technological change and innovation

•  Networked innovation and networked entrepreneurship

•  Global / local considerations

•  Market trends

•  Labour and workforce issues


Suggestions for Structuring your Essay



For general advice about writing and structuring essays, please check QUT’s CiteWrite guide:



It is important that your essay has a structure with a clear introduction, body and conclusion.


An essay needs to develop an overall point and not simply be a rambling collection of disjointed thoughts, ideas and observations. This point must respond to the essay topic and question. In the context of this essay it needs to reflect on the skills and knowledge required by creative entrepreneurs.


The structure you choose should clearly reflect and develop the overall point you are making and developing across the essay.


To help you out, the following is a suggested general structure for your essay. It’s a guide only. You don’t need to follow this slavishly, but it might help give you some pointers – you will no doubt have your own section titles and ordering of information.



Introduction (150-200 words)


Briefly introduce:


·         the ideas of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in the context of the creative economy that you will be using in the essay – briefly support with appropriate references;

·         the specific sector of the creative industries that you will focus on. Please note this can and should draw from your personal experience. It may be a sector that you already have experience in or would like to work in.

Also briefly introduce and explain:


·         your overall point – what specific entrepreneurial skills and knowledge do you think are especially important for this sector and why. This is a clear statement about how you are answering the question or responding to the topic. Please note that, as this is a reflective essay and not just a formal academic essay, it is fine to also base this in your personal experience. However, please ensure your assertions are supported by references to relevant material covered in the unit about entrepreneurship. What entrepreneurship skills do you already have and what skills would you like to further develop. You might introduce the idea that you will provide a Creative Practitioner Career Plan (detailing the steps you will take to develop and exercise specific entrepreneurial skills).



Body Sections and Paragraphs


Please see Cite Write for advice on how to structure paragraphs with topic sentences, concluding sentences etc.  ( The following are suggested body sections.


Entrepreneurship for the Creative Economy 

(250 - 300 words)


You could begin by describing and expanding on:


·         the idea of entrepreneurship skills and knowledge in the context of the creative economy. Support your discussion with references to appropriate readings and scholarship introduced in the unit or that you have discovered through further research. For example Howkins, Hartley et. al. and Duening.





Entrepreneurship Skills for xxxx  [where ‘xxxx’ is the sector that you have selected as your focus, such as fashion, journalism, videogames ….]  

(1200-1500 words)

This will be the most significant and central section of your essay.


This section is your chance to describe:


·         the sector you have chosen and the entrepreneurship skills that are especially significant, valuable and important for that sector.  Please note this should be supported by reflection about your situation and your goals as a creative practitioner.


Here you develop your reflection about what entrepreneurial skills and knowledge are especially important for you to develop a career in this sector. Again support your discussion with appropriate references and quotations from relevant scholarly research and references. Explain why and how these entrepreneurial skills are valuable and important?


This section may well include sub-sections that focus on quite specific skills and knowledge and their application or use in the sector (for example, networking skills). You might like to consider which of Duening’s five minds is especially important for you and why?


In discussing these skills you need to be quite specific so provide concrete examples. Here you might discuss examples from your own experience to support your discussion and argument. You might also discuss a successful and high profile practitioner in the field as an example or brief case-study of these skills.


Creative Practitioner Career Plan

(700-1000 words)


This section should describe and detail concrete steps and actions you will take to develop and improve the skills that you have mentioned in the previous section.


 What is your plan for developing these skills or improving your knowledge of these areas? What steps have you already taken to improve and practice these skills? What do you need to do to gain the knowledge required?




(200-250 words)


This is your opportunity to clearly state your overall point developed across the essay.

It needs to connect with the introduction but not simply repeat the introduction. It is a good idea after writing the conclusion to revisit the introduction and check that they are consistent and work together.


Conclusion should summarise the main points of the body and restate the main point of view you have developed. (This should be your statement about what entrepreneurship skills and knowledge are especially important and required for you.  Why?)




Addressing Critical Perspectives


Finally, in this essay (for example in the main body) you might like to discuss some of the problems or criticisms associated with applying these ideas and principles of entrepreneurship in the context of creative practice. Such critical perspectives are often arguments about labour and conditions of work in the creative economy? You have been introduced to some of these debates and issues throughout the unit. What is your view and position on these debates? Do you agree or disagree? How might you respond to these debates? Are these debates important or relevant when considering how to build a sustainable career and creative practice? Please note addressing these critical questions surrounding labour in the creative workforce in not a requirement of this essay – it is a suggestion that you might like to explore.




Reference List


Must include all sources cited in the essay.


Please ensure that you use appropriate and relevant scholarly and research citations and quotations to support your discussion. You must use these references throughout the essay.


The QUT guide to citing written material in the required Harvard Style:


Why Reference?


Demonstrates you have done research

Demonstrates your discussion is supported by research

Allow your readers to follow up your sources


Legal Reasons – you are using or drawing on someone else’s copyrighted material

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Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media

This assignment will help you explore the way a topic in human sexuality is covered in two very different sources: 1) a scholarly journal; and 2) a popular media source.



Choose a topic on sexuality that interests you. Use the textbook as a guide in selecting your topic.

Find a scholarly article

Select an appropriate topic, and search the APUS online library databases to find an article from a “peer-reviewed” evidence-based scholarly journal.

If you have questions on appropriate types of articles, you can use the library tutorials or contact a librarian.

Summarize the scholarly article

Write a 300-400 word summary of the scholarly article you selected, including:

The hypothesis of the study (what was he author trying to prove or disprove?)

How the study was conducted, including:

The group of people researched and written about (colleges students? adolescents? the elderly? military members? sexual minorities? etc.)

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