BCOM 230 Class Syllabus

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BCOM 230 Class Syllabus


My name is Gary Foote and I am looking forward to working with you as the class facilitator and instructor.  You can find out more about me in my Biography below and I will also send it separately.  Please feel free to call me Gary.  People in business that you want to correspond with are usually very busy people and it takes a bit of an art to learn how to write your letters, memos and emails in a way to capture their attention and get your point across.  Over the next five weeks we will learn the in and outs of what is needed to write these items in a way that will get you the results you want which is for them to read it first and understand what you are looking for quickly.


In this syllabus, you will find out what is expected of you, how assignments are weighted for grading purposes and what you need to accomplish to get your grade.  I am very fond of accounting and I love what I do.  I hope to shed some of that experience to you and give you the information you will need to become good managers.

Instructor Bio

Hello, I am looking forward to meeting all of you and working with you in this course.

My name is Gary Foote.  You can call me Mr. Foote, but when I hear that I look around to see my father, so please call me Gary.

I am currently the Manager of Financial Analysis World Wide for Noramco (a subdivision of Johnson & Johnson). I have a varied career path that has taken me all over the world.  It started two days after I graduated from Layton High School in Utah.  I first left for Marine basic training in San Diego and learned how to be an infantry soldier.  I liked the physical aspect of this, but I wanted something that challenged my mind more, so I transferred to the Air Force and became an aircraft technician (crew chief) on F-16 aircraft. 

I worked as a technician for the next four years.  That period took me all over Europe, allowing me to see many exciting spots such as Spain, Germany, Turkey and England.  I then got my orders to Moody AFB, Georgia.  There I worked for the Deputy Commander of Maintenance as a Deficiency Analyst.  This gave me the schedule I needed to allow me to attend college.

I first started college basically with the intention of just meeting a lot of girls.  This turned into a competition with some friends for the best grades and then a mission to just make it out before I got orders.  Four years later at 11:00 o’clock in the morning I walked across the stage and picked up my degree in Accounting.  That same night at 6:00 PM, I said, “I do” to my wife in a church about a mile a way.  Yes, that was a day to remember.

I decided to follow my new career path in accounting and left the Air Force and my military family.  My young bride (Kelli), Cinder (our rabbit) and I headed west for my new job as a cost accountant for NCR Corporation in Ogden Utah.  I obtained my CMA certification while I was there and then was promoted to an accounting manager position at a plant in Tennessee.  We were back on the road again.

While in Tennessee I obtained my Masters in Business (MBA) and was promoted to Manufacturing Accounting Manager. Four months later we had our first child.  Her name is Kaitlyn and she is the joy of my life.  One day not to long after Kaitlyn was born; I got a call from an executive recruiter.  Johnson & Johnson had an opportunity for me as a Plant Controller in Alabama.  We decided to take Johnson & Johnson up on this opportunity and relocate to just outside Mobile Alabama.  This move put us very close to my wife’s parents so everyone was pretty happy.

The plant that I was a Controller at produced a product called Sucralose.  You all may know it better by its brand name Splenda.  I started there when the plant site was nothing more than a field.  I worked through the construction accounting, to putting accounting systems in place and then tying in our plant with all of the Johnson & Johnson worldwide procedures.

The plant was sold about a year ago to a British company named Tate & Lyle.  I wanted to stay with J&J so they transferred me to my current position in Athens GA as World Wide Manager of Financial Analysis for Noramco.  Since then, I have taken over the head finance position of the site and total responsibility for Noramco Sox related items.  I love my job, my field of work and I have learned volumes about accounting and business in general.  I look forward to sharing this knowledge and experience with you as a facilitator in our class and learning from your knowledge and experience as well...

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