10 Questions from principle of management

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10 Questions from principle of management

10 MCQs on Information System

Question 1 - An information system that managers design in order to have access to specific information that they need to perform their job effectively is known as a(n) __________.


A.       Software agent

B.       MIS

C.       artificial intelligence system

D.       expert system

Question 2 - Information that gives managers all of the information that they need to exercise control, to coordinate their activities, or to make an effective decision is known as __________ information.


A.       complete

B.       timely

C.       real-time

D.       relevant

Question 3- Meena, a manager, is deciding how much shelf space to allocate to two different types of pasta. To make the decision, Meena needs __________.


A.       data

B.       a network

C.       artificial intelligence

D.       software

E.        information

Question 4 - Modern information systems ____________ an organization's need for hierarchy and ____________ its efficiency.


A.       decreases; decreases

B.       decreases; increases

C.       increases; increases

D.       increases; decreases

E.        increases; does not effect

Question 5 - The computer software program that sorts through a manager's incoming e-mail messages so that messages from that manager's boss appear at the top of the list of messages is an example of a(n) __________.


A.       expert system

B.       artificial intelligence system

C.       real-time system

D.       network system

E.        software agent

Question 6 - A marketing manager is trying to determine what price to set on a new product. This is an example of a(n) __________.


A.       artificial intelligence system

B.       expert system

C.       decision

D.       MSS

E.        DSS

Question 7 - Personal computers on the desks of managers within a network are called __________, and they are linked to a powerful midrange computer called a __________ that makes sure that their programs work well together.


A.       servers; client

B.       servers; MIS

C.       clients; DSS

D.       clients; server

Question 8 - Information that is useful to the particular circumstances facing a manager is known as __________ information.


A.       timely

B.       relevant

C.       complete

D.       real-time

Question 9 - Which of the following tells the computer hardware "how to run?"


A.       An expert system

B.       Artificial intelligence

C.       Operating system software

D.       The clients

Question 10- A computer system that is designed to handle a large volume of routine and recurring transactions is called a(n) __________ system.


A.       Expert

B.       artificial intelligence

C.       transaction-processing

D.       operations information





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10 Questions from principle of management

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