How leadership models and practices support innovation in the global context

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How leadership models and practices support innovation in the global context

Activity Instruction

In this course, you have explored three main concepts:
1.How leadership models and practices support innovation in the global context.
2.The behaviors of leaders that drive innovation and the creation of innovative organizations.
3.What innovative leaders do to shape organizational culture and processes.

The final project for this course challenges you to integrate these concepts while focusing on a particular organization.

Supportive readings:
•Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, and McNamara's 2012 "Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages."
•Leadership models readings.
•The Innovator's DNA.
•Nayar's 2010 article "A Maverick CEO Explains How He Persuaded His Team to Leap into the Future."
•The Intuitive Surgical case study or the Proctor & Gamble case study (or both).

For this assignment, you will write a 5–6-page paper with a focus on either the Connect and Develop Model at P&G case study or the Intuitive Surgical: How Long Can Their Monopoly Last? case study. Choose one case and focus your efforts on that organization. Both Proctor & Gamble and Intuitive Surgical are also profiled in various discussions throughout The Innovator's DNA. You may integrate that information, as well as any other research regarding innovation in these organizations, into your work too.

Effective leaders of innovation must consider three levels of thinking and action:
1.They must consider the global context in which their organization competes.
2.They must strategize their personal actions for innovation.
3.They must shape their organization's culture and processes to enable innovation.

All of the leaders and organizations that we have explored in this class have strengths and weaknesses in each of these levels. Your final project is an opportunity to explore and analyze all three levels regarding the organization you have chosen (either Procter & Gamble or Intuitive Surgical).

Communicating Your Insights

You will also be evaluated on how well you communicate your insights. It is expected that you will communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.

To aid you in doing this, follow these guidelines:
•Carefully organize your paper so that a balanced amount of text covers each item below, and label each section so that it is clear which of the following topics the section covers. You want your reader to be able to easily find: ◾A section that analyzes which leadership model (or models) and practices would encourage innovation considering the global context of the organization in your chosen case. Explain why you chose this model(or models) and how it will help the leaders in their responsibilities as leaders of innovation.
◾A section that assesses how the information in the chosen case exemplifies (or does not exemplify) the five discovery skills of innovation leaders.
◾A section that assesses the actions that the leaders of the organization in your chosen case took to shape culture and processes to be more innovative. Present an argument for which one of the three organizational DNA factors is most important for this organization's future success.

•Graphs or diagrams may be included in appendices if they are well explained and applicable.
•The assignment should be 5–6 pages (excluding appendices).
•Each section must be supported with course readings (and additional readings if desired).
•References and citations should follow APA (6th edition) guidelines.
•Font and font size: Times Roman, 12 point.
•Your writing should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

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