Inquiry about MS582 iLab 4

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Inquiry about MS582 iLab 4

I recently bought a solution for MIS582 iLab 4. It is incomplete and illegible. Could you please contact me for the clarification of that solution. The deadline is tomorrow. Please.


This is the email as proof that is sent after the puchase of solution from course merit on sunday

Your solution, MIS582 Week 7 iLab: Database Construction Using MySQL and PHP | Complete Solution has been purchased successfully.
Your Solution attachment : MIS582 iLab 4 of 4 Database Construction Using MySQL and PHP Solution
Solution Description:
This Tutorial is rated A+ previously,if you have any questions regarding this tutorial than you can contact me.
Thanks and Regards,

Please help me as soon as possible. This is due tomorrow on June 24


Phone 646-284-1584


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