COM 345Complete Course Solution

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COM 345Complete Course Solution

COM345 Entire Course Week 1 Complete Careers in Media Writing. From this week’s readings and searching the Internet, create a list of possible careers in the field of media writing and discuss the different technologies that are used in those careers. Include at least one online outside source, preferably not one that has already been used in a fellow student’s posting. Tools in Media Writing. Select one of the careers from the list you created for the previous discussion forum and discuss the variety of tools that are used in that job for content creation, editing and proofreading. Week 2 Complete Communication Documents. Why is it important to thoroughly research the information that will go in a communication document prior to laying out the document? Identifying Audience. Why is identifying audience important in the writing and editing processes? At what point should you identify your audience in these processes? Provide examples of when you recently wrote for two different audiences. What influence did your audience have on your writing? Audience Awareness Activity. Choose three pieces of media communication targeted to three different audiences. Use Web sites, online brochures, online promotional pieces, online newspaper articles, and other media that are available online. For each media communication, write a 100-word paragraph that identifies the targeted audience of the communication. Examine the elements, both written and visual, incorporated into the communication for its particular audience. Explain whether or not these elements are effective in targeting its audience, and whether you believe the writer of the communication had a clear sense of who the audience is. Include the URL for each media communication. Cite your resources in text and on the reference page. For information regarding APA samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center, within the Learning Resources tab on the left navigation toolbar, in your online course Week 3 Complete Event Information. Research information about an upcoming event of your choice. Discuss at least three different forms of media that the target audience might use to find more information about the event. Reaching your Target Audience. Why is it important to use multiple forms of communication when trying to reach a target audience? What would be the risks of only using one form of media communication? Final Project Prep. In preparation for your final project, begin researching magazines—in print or online—that interest you. Select 1-2 feature stories that would be good models for your final project. You may choose to write a Feature Story that will add to what has already been written, or you may be inspired to write on a different topic. Write a proposal (1-2 pages) that includes what you think is known about the topic, what you think may be new, how you will research it (electronic resources, interview key subjects, etc.), who your audience is, and what your writing style, tone, etc. will be. Include a list of sources you may need to write your Feature Story and provide a brief summary for each source. (1 page). Week 4 Complete Using Media Writing Tools. From this week’s readings and searching the Internet, create a list tools that are used in the field of media writing. Include at least one online outside source, preferably not one that has already been used in a fellow student’s posting. Explain which of the tools on their list you have already used and which of them you would be comfortable with trying and why. Editing for Different Media. How does the medium in which you are communicating your message influence your writing and editing styles? To illustrate your points, provide examples of how writing and editing for one medium might differ or be similar to another medium. Editing Activity. Edit the copy below, targeted for a local community newspaper. Proofread the copy carefully for grammar and writing mechanics discussed in Appendices A, B and C. You may also refer to your Ashford-approved style guide and the resources found at the Ashford Writing Center. Remember that you cannot change direct quotes. Revise the article per above, and divide it into six to eight paragraphs. Week 5 Complete Font Types. Discuss why it is important to use more than one type of font in layout design? Consider and cite an example of a piece of media that uses font types effectively; explain why it is effective. On the other hand, what are the dangers of using too many fonts in one layout design? Consider and cite an example of a piece of media that uses font types ineffectively; explain why it is ineffective. Graphics. Why are graphics important to layout design? How do use of graphics change across media? What factors or strategies inform the use of graphics? Consider purpose and audience. (For example, use of graphics in a business presentation or document vs. use of graphics in advertisements during a major sporting event?). Focus of the Final Project Students will write a Feature Story (800-1,000 words) on a topic and for a magazine of their choice. This project requires students to incorporate the major concepts discussed during the course, such as applying various media communication tools, identifying audience, gathering information and research, and understanding the editing process. The Feature Story should demonstrate a student’s comprehension of the readings and class discussions as well as the implications of new knowledge in the field of media writing and editing.
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COM345Entire Complete Course Solution

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