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COM323 Week 5 Final Paper

COM323 Week5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Project The Final Project has two parts: A six- to eight-page Final Paper A PowerPoint Presentation Throughout this course we are examining methods of persuasion. The great issues of our day are far from being resolved, but effective persuasion can begin to build consensus. Your final project requires you to tackle a current, controversial issue and use persuasion to convince your audience that your position(s) on the issue is (are) correct. Your final paper must be six- to eight-pages of content (exclusive of the APA title and reference pages), and you can include multi-media, interactive video, pictures, commercials, movie scenes, web links, etc. to bolster your opinion(s). Your paper should incorporate the latest methods of persuasion in the hopes of “proving your point” to your instructor. You are encouraged to find a topic which you feel passionate about. The list provided is just to help you with the sorts of ideas which may be appropriate for your project. You are not limited to these topics; please consult your instructor if you have any questions about a proper topic for this assignment. Some topics to consider could be the following: Abortion § Capital Punishment § Socialism § Gun Control § Smoking/Second-Hand Smoke § Stem Cell Research § Lowering the Alcohol Drinking Age § Re-instituting the Military Draft § Home Schooling § Corporal Punishment in Schools
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COM323 Week 5 Final Paper

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