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HIS204 Week 1 Quiz

HIS204 Week1 Quiz 1. In what year did the United States reach a milestone in which more people lived in urban areas than farms? 2. The Dawes Act was significant because it demanded what from Native Americans? 3. One of the most significant examples of corrupt business practices during the Gilded Age occurred in which industry? 4. Gilded is a term that means something that is golden or beautiful on the outside, but often has nothing of value on the inside. Which literary figure termed late-19th-century America the “Gilded Age”? 5. Which of the Gilded Age presidents did the most to attempt to weaken the power of trusts? 6. The West is less about the archetypal cowboy and more about the transformation of an entire region. Which of the following contributed least to the settlement of the West? 7. Inventor Elisha Graves Otis helped to change the nature of the city through the invention of 8. Which of the following aspects of business is not typically associated with John D. Rockefeller? 9. The belief in the inalienable right of the United States to expand its western frontier from the Atlantic to Pacific oceans, “from sea to shining sea,” and claim the entire North American continent for itself is best known as what? 10. The city was a place of contrasts in the late 19th century. The skyline itself was a breathtaking symbol of progress as new buildings crept ever higher toward the heavens. Which of the following was the least likely aspect that inhabitants confronted in these new cities?
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HIS204 Week 1 Quiz

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