HIS 103 Week 5 Final Paper

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HIS 103 Week 5 Final Paper

HIS103 Week5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Paper For this paper you will select one of the following topics from the list below. You will trace the context of the question across the entire sweep of time, from prehistory to c. 1500 CE, covering at least three separate eras as they are viewed in at least three world culture areas. World culture areas include Europe, the Near (also known as Middle) East, India, Africa and East Asia. You must use at least four academic sources with at least two coming from academic-level sources found in the Ashford University Library. Academic sources are sometimes referred to as scholarly sources. You must also use one primary source that cannot be from the weekly Required Reading lists but may be from the weekly Recommended Reading lists. For an explanation of what is considered an academic source, see the AU Policy on Academic Research located within the Student Responsibilities and Policies tab in the left navigation toolbar in your online course, as well as the following AU Writing Center documents: 4.1 Student Writing Standards and 8.2 How to Research Secondary Sources. Topic Choices Please select one of the following questions as the focus of your Final Paper. Remember that for each topic you are expected to trace change or describe different variations as they appear over the entire era of world history studied, from pre-history to 1500 CE. § Trace and explain the importance of at least four major technological changes in shaping evolving eras of world history. Here you might focus on an assortment what you see as major turning points or you could focus on a string of related technological changes in areas like transportation, communication, or production. § How have women's lives, roles, and statuses varied and changed over various early world history eras and culture areas? Be sure to cover at least four different periods/areas. § What major changes have appeared in the nature of political organization and rule, from the Paleolithic era to 1500 CE? Be sure to cover at least four different kinds of political units, levels, or kinds. § How has the nature and technology of warfare evolved, from earliest times to 1500 CE? § Describe the changing nature and variety of religious beliefs, pre-history to 1500 CE. Be sure to cover at least four major levels or kinds of belief, which developed or were important in at least three major culture areas. § Evaluate the importance of social class to pre-modern societies. How did “social betters” view their “social inferiors”? What role, if any, did religion play in helping reinforce or break down social class?
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HIS103 Week 5 Final Paper

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