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HHS 307 Week 5 Final Paper

HHS307 Week5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Paper Your Final Paper should illustrate your mastery of the course material as well as your insights into the aspects of effective communication in the health and human services setting and should address the application of effective communication practices. Final Paper: Select one of the following topics: 1. The Impact of Culture on Communication in the Health Care or Human Services Setting. For this topic, chose one specific culture or compare and contrast two or more cultures. 2. Effective vs. Ineffective Interpersonal Communication Practices in the Health Care or Human Services setting. 3. The Impact of Gender on Communication in a Health and Human Services setting; comparing males versus females in both the patient and provider roles. 4. The use of Therapeutic Communication and Interviewing in a Health and Human Services setting, including a contrast of therapeutic and non-therapeutic techniques. 5. The Use of Empathy as a Communication Technique. 6. The Art of Listening as a Therapeutic Technique. 7. Communicating with Families and Significant Others. 8. Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Health and Human Services Setting. Your paper should be eight- to ten- pages (excluding title and reference pages) and should provide an overview of communication as it relates to the health and human services setting. It should discuss in depth the chosen topic as well as the implications and application of the topic to real life situations in health and human services. The paper must include a minimum of five scholarly sources published within the past five years (not including the textbook). At least two of these sources must be peer-reviewed journal articles. All sources must be cited according to APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. At a minimum, the paper should include the following: I. Introduction: a. A general discussion of the importance of communication in health and human services. b. An introduction to the specific communication topic chosen, including a succinct thesis statement. c. A brief overview of the scope of your paper. II. Body of Paper: a. Define the topic. b. Provide background information on the topic. c. Discuss its importance. d. Give specific examples of application as appropriate. e. Discuss pitfalls/problems or barriers and possible solutions. III. Conclusion: a. Summarize the essential points and themes of your paper and restate your thesis. b. Discuss what you have learned as well as any observations and conclusions that can be drawn from the material presented in the body of the paper. Include recommendations to any pitfalls, problems or barriers identified.
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HHS307 Week 5 Final Paper

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