HCA 415 Week 3 Emergency Preparedness and Response

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HCA 415 Week 3 Emergency Preparedness and Response

HCA415 Week3 Emergency Preparedness and Response Emergency Preparedness and Response. Your course text defines bioterrorism as “the threatened or intentional release of biologic agents for the purpose of influencing the conduct of government or intimidating or coercing a civilian population to further political or social objectives” (Turncock, 2012, p. 122). In this paper, you will evaluate the roles and responsibilities of local, state, and federal public health organizations in emergency preparedness and response during a bioterrorism event. First, select one of the following bioterrorism threats: a. Anthrax b. Small pox c. Food safety d. Water safety Next, answer the following questions: a. What are the basic functions of the federal, state, and local level during this bioterrorism event? b. What public health resources are available to address this bioterrorism threat at the federal, state, and/or local level? c. What role does communication play during an emergency response? Identify at least two strategies that can be used to improve effective communication. How do these strategies improve communication? d. In your opinion, is your city/state prepared to address this bioterrorism threat? Why or why not? Provide a concrete example that supports your opinion. The paper should be two to three pages in length, excluding title and reference pages, and must include a minimum of two scholarly sources formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
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HCA415 Week 3 Emergency Preparedness and Response

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