HCA 311 Week 1 Assignment Decision Making

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HCA 311 Week 1 Assignment Decision Making

HCA311 Week1 Assignment Decision Making Decision Making. From your text, complete Assignment Exercise 1-2, page 355. Required: 1. Refer to the Metropolis Health System case study appearing in Chapter 25. Read about the various types of services offered by MHS. 2. The MHS organization chart has seven major areas of responsibility, each headed by a senior vice president (refer to page 291). Select one of the seven areas (Information Systems, Finance, Human Affairs, etc.) and indicate the additional levels of management that would fall under this area. Examples of organizational charts are located in Figure 1-2 (pg. 7) and Figure 25-1 (pg. 290). 3. Do you believe your design of the detailed organization chart indicates centralized or decentralized lines of authority for decision making? Can you explain your approach in one or two sentences?
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HCA311 Week 1 Assignment Decision Making

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