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EDU673 Week 4 Discussion 1 Student Readiness

EDU673 Week4 DQ1 Student Readiness Student Readiness. After reading Chapter Five of the course text, create a checklist of the nineteen guidelines for differentiating curriculum in response to student readiness as a separate document. You can group the guidelines in whatever way makes the most sense for you. You are creating the checklist to keep as a tool for use in your current or future classrooms. Once you have created the checklist, upload the document in the Doc Sharing tool in the online classroom (please see the Course Materials section of the online course for a brief Doc Sharing video tutorial). In the discussion post, identify which five guidelines will be the most difficult for you to follow and explain why. Choose an additional five guidelines that will be the least difficult for you to follow. Explain why. Include an example of how you will implement the strategies suggested in those guidelines.
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EDU673 Week 4 Discussion 1 Student Readiness

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