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EDU645 Week 2 Assignment Learning Outcomes

EDU645 Week2 Assignment Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes. Create a blog using WordPress or Blogger. This will act as a portfolio for your work in this course, so it is important to make it presentable and polished by using a professional URL and a consistent theme and format throughout the blog. Then, using the information in Chapter 6 of your textbook and the article “Enhancing curriculum and delivery: linking assessment to learning objectives,” write at least three measurable learning outcomes for a hypothetical unit of study and grade level of your choosing. Later, you will be asked to develop the learning activities and assessments that support these learning outcomes. Once you have written your learning outcomes, post a link to your blog within a Word document. Then, upload that Word document to two locations: a. Classroom Assignment Basket b. Doc Sharing feature at the top of the classroom Finally, browse your classmates’ learning outcomes for ideas, through the Doc Sharing feature. Feel free to leave supportive and constructive comments on their learning outcomes within their blog. Please Note: You will be using these outcomes throughout the course.
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EDU645 Week 2 Assignment Learning Outcomes

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