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EDU620 Week 4 Assignment Assistive Technology Plan

EDU620 Week4 Assignment Assistive Technology Plan Assistive Technology Plan. For the Week Four assignment, you will create an assistive technology plan for a learner with a physical impairment. In the chart below, identify a learner with a physical impairment to create an assistive technology plan to support them in the classroom. In your plan, you will identify the learner, the disability area, and the grade level. Then in two to three paragraphs, you will discuss the characteristics of the student such as the educational strengths and needs of the student (academic, mobility, communication, social, environmental and curricular access, etc.), family involvement, classroom challenges or concerns, existing supports, and other pertinent information about the student. Based on the description of the student’s needs and disability area, you will identify at least five areas of challenge related to materials and methods in the classroom or learning environment, discuss potential barriers or missed opportunities, and then discuss at least two possible solutions to address each area of challenge (see example for a student with low vision in the chart below). Your solutions must be research-based and should be cited within the chart. Please use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources for substantiating your AT solutions. APA format is required, including a reference page for all in-text citations. Assistive Technology Plan Name of Learner: Disability Area: Age/Grade: Description of the Learner (educational strengths, needs, family involvement, other pertinent information): Goals of the AT Plan: Materials and Methods Potential Barriers/Missed Opportunities AT Solutions Example: Printed textbook or worksheets Student with a visual impairment has difficulty seeing small text. This student would benefit from using a text-to-speech program, such as Kurzweil 3000 ( so that text can be converted to files and read aloud to the student. Further, the student could benefit from having an electronic magnifier for text-based resources used in the learning environment (Beard, Carpenter, & Johnston, 2011).
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EDU620 Week 4 Assignment Assistive Technology Plan

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