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CRJ301 Week 3 Discussion 2 The Changing Role of Probation

CRJ301 Week3 DQ2 The Changing Role of Probation The Changing Role of Probation. The author of the textbook lays out three critical thinking questions at the end of Chapter 7 that examine issues surrounding probation and its role in addressing juvenile delinquency. Select one of the critical thinking questions for this discussion: a. Probation is the workhorse of the juvenile justice system, but it often suffers from a negative image. That negative image emanates from critics who believe that probation is too lenient of a punishment. What are your views on probation? What other alternatives do you recommend? b. Do you think probation officers should act as a treatment counselor as suggested by the Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) model? Are there any disadvantages of having probation officers act in this role? c. Do you think that global positioning (GPS) devices are a reasonable option for monitoring juvenile delinquents? Do you think GPS devices violate their privacy rights? Why or why not?
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CRJ301 Week 3 Discussion 2 The Changing Role of Probation

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