BUS 620 Week 3 The Case of the New Apple Inc.

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BUS 620 Week 3 The Case of the New Apple Inc.

BUS620 Week3 The Case of the New Apple Inc. The Case of the New Apple, Inc. Read the article: Burrows, P., & Satariano, A. (2012). Can Phil Schiller keep Apple cool? Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-06-07/can-phil-schiller-keep-apple-cool#p2 Assignment Instructions: Develop a two- to three-page paper that addresses the following: Is Apple’s brand in jeopardy following the death of Steve Jobs? “There is no place for Apple to go but down.” Synthesize the generic strategies and segmentation strategies that Apple can implement to prevent going down. What do you expect from Apple in the future ? Will Apple experience a continuation of its current trajectory or will Apple’s good fortune change? Paper must be in the correct APA writing style and include a minimum of 2-3 resources, in which one resource must be peer reviewed
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BUS620 Week 3 The Case of the New Apple Inc.

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