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BUS620 Week 1 Discussion 2 Marketing Strategies

BUS620 Week1 DQ2 Marketing Strategies Marketing Strategies. Complete the “Think About It” activity in Section 1.2 of the text: Select a consumer product of personal interest—one that you have purchased within the past six months. It can be anything, just as long you are familiar with the product and generally understand how it is marketed. Using the matrix model of marketing management in Table 1.2, fill in the cells of the matrix as completely and thoroughly as you can for the brand that you purchased. Be sure that your entries correspond to your perspective as a customer for this brand. In short, you are the target market. You may wish to create one or more positioning maps to help illustrate how you perceive the competitive playing field. Once you’re done, examine the intersection of each cell. 1. How do the elements of the marketing mix align with the four strategy categories in the left-hand column? 2. Does every one of the 4 P’s contribute to each of the strategic objectives established in the left-hand column? 3. Do you see room for improvement? How would this assessment be different for other types of customers?
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BUS620 Week 1 Discussion 2 Marketing Strategies

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