BUS 435 Week 5 Final Paper

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BUS 435 Week 5 Final Paper

BUS435 Week5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Paper Construct a business plan for a small business venture of your choosing. The components of the business plan should include: A. Executive summary—short description of the venture with emphasis on the unique characteristics and important aspects. B. Description of the business—more comprehensive description of the venture including a brief history of the company and industry as well as the value to consumers. C. Marketing—two major parts are in this section: the research and analysis identifies the target market and trends; the marketing plan discusses market strategy, pricing, advertising, and sales. D. Research, design, and development—includes developmental and technical research leading to the design of the product E. Operations segment—focuses on location, production facilities, and equipment F. Management—presentation of the key employees, methods of compensation, and any outside advisors G. Critical risks—identification of potential problems and alternative courses of action H. Financial forecasting—all of the important financial statements need to be included: income statement, balance sheet, cash flow I. Harvest strategy—this segment projects a long-term plan for how the entrepreneur(s) will benefit from the success of the venture J. Milestone schedule—determines the objectives and their deadlines A. K. Appendix—extra support material or bibliography
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BUS 435 Management and Growth in Entrepreneurship Week 5 Final Paper

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