BUS 435 Week 2 Business Concept

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BUS 435 Week 2 Business Concept

BUS435 Week2 Business Concept Business Concept. Prepare a one to two page summary for your initial Final Paper business concept. The summary should address the concept description, summarizing the essence of your venture, as well as at least three of the following elements: Opportunity/potential: Why is this a good opportunity? What are the market trends? How large is the market? Product/Service: Describe the product/service for your new business. What range of products/services will be offered? What are the prices? Target market: Is it a business market or a consumer market? How is your product designed to meet the needs of your target customer? Competitive advantage: How do you differentiate your product/service from your competitors?
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BUS 435 Management and Growth in Entrepreneurship Week 2 Business Concept

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