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BUS433 Week 4 Quiz

BUS433 Week4 Quiz 1. Question : According to Porter, the diamond framework affects the competitiveness of ________ and ___________ as well as firms competitors, complementors nations, regions customers, suppliers suppliers, competitors 2. Question : In new ventures, financial projections and risk analysis are part of a ___________. strategic plan corporate plan business plan loan plan 3. Question : “Conventional wisdom argues that domestic competition is wasteful. It leads to __________ and prevents companies from achieving economies of scale . . .” duplication of effort higher prices fierce domestic competition downgrading of the sources of competitive advantage 4. Question : In the _____ method of forecasting, successive requisitioning in light of initial answers sharpens the results obtained. Trend analysis Alternative scenarios Delphi Time series 5. Question : Comparative growth rates of nations in the major industrial nations after World War II was ___________. normal exceptional negative remained the same 6. Question : A firm that is considering doing business abroad must have a rationale and logic for how it can compensate for and overcome the liabilities and disadvantages that arise from its _______________. strategies vision mission foreignness 7. Question : The evolution of ___________ is a critical element in the formulation of a company’s strategy. resources business strategy corporate strategy industry structures 8. Question : In the __________ stage of industry evolution, there is a shakeout among the competition. embryonic growth maturity decline 9. Question : _____ ensures _______’s broad application. invention, innovation innovation, invention innovation, exploitation invention, exploitation 10. Question : The technology-push model of innovation starts with ___________. discoveries in basic science and engineering business venture exploiting new technologies development
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BUS433 Week 4 Quiz

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