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BUS433 Week 3 Quiz

BUS433 Week3 Quiz 1. Question : Corporate strategy deals with __________. how the firm competes the scope of the firm role of each function deciding what functions to perform 2. Question : ____________ are critical elements in successful M&As. Management strategies Synergies Portfolio management Diversification 3. Question : According to the BCG matrix, the strategy for _______ is to invest in them and increase their share of the firm’s overall business. cash cows stars question marks dogs 4. Question : A sensitivity analysis is based on levels of awareness different assumptions about motivations organizational politics all of the above 5. Question : ___________ movers take risks in anticipation of high returns. First Second Third Late 6. Question : ________ firms diversify to a minor degree, but typically no more than 30 percent. Related-product Conglomerate Dominant-product Single-product 7. Question : The ability to achieve new resource configurations is a _______________________. core competence dynamic capability distinctive competence capability 8. Question : Superior advantage in a ______ position comes from managing critical ________ well. differentiated, cost drivers differentiated, value drivers low-cost, value drivers low-cost, cost drivers 9. Question : Quick strategic moves that remake ________ and do not elicit adequate responses from rivals are crucial for success. corporate strategies business strategies business models value chains 10. Question : ______ emphasizes the importance of considering the timing of the moves of one’s competitors with the timing of one’s own moves. Vision Game theory Mission Value chain
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BUS433 Week 3 Quiz

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