BUS 433 Week 2 Quiz

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BUS 433 Week 2 Quiz

BUS433 Week2 Quiz 1. Question : The strategist should examine the ______ and ______ of an industry development, evolution development, attractiveness structure, development structure, attractiveness 2. Question : ____________ sees the organization as a combination of resources, capabilities, and competencies. IO economics The RBV The stakeholder view The industrial economics view 3. Question : In a matrix structure, employees have _______ reporting arrangements. multiple single dual triple 4. Question : _________ theory explains how to scrutinize, investigate, and break down an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Stakeholder IO Management Macroenvironmental 5. Question : The most sensible choice if one’s company cannot be the dominant player in its industry is to _____________. scale economies differentiate product exit increase capital 6. Question : __________ constrain the prices of industry’s products. New entrants Existing rivals Complementors Substitutes 7. Question : Scale economies relate to per-unit costs selling prices bargaining power of suppliers bargaining power of customers 8. Question : Which of the following is NOT one of Porter’s five industry forces? existing rivals new entrants complementors substitutes 9. Question : By value, Porter essentially meant _______. power logistics strength profit 10. Question : ___________ provide access to new markets, give customers benefits, and are difficult for competitors to imitate. Resources Capabilities Competencies Core competencies
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BUS433 Week 2 Quiz

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