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BUS372 Week 3 Contract Negotiations

BUS372 Week3 Contract Negotiations Contract Negotiations. Contract negotiations require considerable education, experience, and training. Trained negotiators have a solid set of knowledge and skill that often enables them to garner a more favorable contract for their party. In a one to three page paper to submit to your instructor, detail the following in relation to contract negotiation: - Describe the knowledge and skill that are critical to the success of a contract negotiator. - Present one (1) strategy an effective negotiator should consider to achieve a more favorable contract (for example: one strategy would be to prepare diligently for each negotiation). The submission must adhere to APA 6th edition style guidelines. You may find it useful to visit the two websites listed in the “Recommended Readings” section of this week: United States Department of Labor Statistics and the O*NET Resource Center.
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BUS372 Week 3 Contract Negotiations

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