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BUS372 Week 2 Quiz

BUS372 Week2 Quiz 1. Question : There were no genuine labor unions in the United States until 2. Question : Featherbedding is: 3. Question : The attitude of Samuel Gompers toward national union autonomy was: 4. Question : In 1979: 5. Question : Under a “yellow-dog contract,” workers must promise in writing: 6. Question : The non-unionized blue collar worker is definitely a rarity in: 7. Question : Six states alone account for over half of all union members in this country. 8. Question : Research suggests that the greatest single motivator of workers joining unions is dissatisfaction with the extent of gratification of: 9. Question : There are today more union members in California than there are in 10 southern states combined. 10. Question : As a percentage of their budgets in recent decades, most AFL-CIO member unions have spent _________ on organizing. 11. Question : Labor relations consultants usually: 12. Question : Organized labor has expanded its membership rather significantly in the past few years.
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BUS372 Week 2 Quiz

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