BUS 372 Week 2 Changing Landscape of Unions

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BUS 372 Week 2 Changing Landscape of Unions

BUS372 Week2 Changing Landscape of Unions Changing Landscape of Unions. At the inception of unions, its members consisted of “blue-collar” workers concentrated in the manufacturing sector. Today, only about 35% of union members remain in this sector, requiring unions to expand beyond manufacturing to broaden their membership ranks. In a two to three page paper to submit to your instructor, detail the following in relation to the changing landscape of unions: - Discuss how union membership has evolved over the past century. - Evaluate how unions have modified their philosophy to accommodate this shifting landscape. - Propose two (2) reforms unions should consider to broaden their appeal to a workplace environment that is becoming less dependent on the manufacturing sector and in which companies can more easily shift operations overseas to take advantage of lower wage rates. The submission must adhere to APA 6th edition style guidelines.
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BUS372 Week 2 Changing Landscape of Unions

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