ACC 401 Advanced AccountingWeek 5 Final Project

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ACC 401 Advanced AccountingWeek 5 Final Project

ACC401 Week5 Final Project FINAL PAPER Complete the federal income tax forms for a married couple (information provided in Appendix A). It is up to the student which forms are used from the following list (blank copies of all forms are available in your classroom in Week 5 under Final Paper): § Form 1040 § Form 1040A § Schedule 1 § Schedule 2 § Schedule A § Schedule B § Schedule D The assignment can be completed with or without the TaxAct CD that comes with the hard-copy of the text. Upon completing the return, the student will submit a three to six page paper describing why they chose the forms and how the federal income tax return forms work. The student will submit both the tax return (all forms used) and the paper to their instructor.
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ACC 401 Advanced Accounting Week 5 Final Project

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