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ANT101 Week 3 Rough Draft of Final Research Paper

ANT101 Week3 Rough Draft of Final Research Paper Rough Draft of Final Research Paper. To ensure that you are properly prepared for your Final Research Paper in this course, you must complete a draft that includes: a. Select a topic from the following list: ? Body Art and Ornamentation ? Child Rearing Practices ? Healthcare practices ? The use of music or dance as a form of political protest/music or dance as a reflection of cultural issues, values and beliefs ? Educational practices ? Elderly care ? Body Language and Proxemics ? Rites of Passage ? Conflict resolution ? Marriage practices ? Alternative gender roles ? Alternative topics are possible, but must be approved by the instructor at least a week before the Week Three draft is due. A thesis that reflects the requirements of the Final Research Paper. A properly formatted reference page. After you have decided upon a topic, the next step is to begin to do your research. Since you will be comparing this topic across three different cultures, it may be helpful to brainstorm a list of different cultures that you are interested in researching. Utilizing the same databases that you searched in the Week Two Assignment, conduct key word searches to locate the scholarly sources you will be using to aid in writing this paper. If you feel that you need a little help in beginning this research, please view the Generating Search Terms tutorial and/or the Finding Full Text Articles tutorial in the library. Please keep in mind, that even though you are only required to use three scholarly sources from the library, you will initially want to find more than that to ensure that you are using the best three articles for your topic and cultures. After completing your research, now is a good time to compile your sources in a reference page. Do not worry if you do not end up using one of the sources in your Final Research Paper; you can always remove any sources that you do not use later. Once you have read through the sources you have located, you should now be able to write a thesis statement that reflects the requirements of the Final Research Paper. For help on creating the thesis statement, please visit the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center. While not required for this assignment, it may be helpful to first outline your thoughts to aid you in organizing how you will present the information in your paper. If you are concerned about how to successfully integrate the sources that you found, please view the Incorporating Sources tutorial in the library. As you are incorporating the information from your sources, think back on the Plagiarism Quiz and the Article Selector Quiz to make sure that you are properly citing sources. You can also view the Plagiarism Flow Chart, found in your online course, to help ensure that you have properly incorporated sources.
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ANT101 Week 3 Rough Draft of Final Research Paper

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