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CGD 218 Week 5 Assignment Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message

CGD218 Week5 Assignment Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message Assignment Instructions: Visual media can have significant impact on how effectively a message is communicated. Appropriate and strategic visuals can inspire the audience, lend clarity to a message, and, in general, say things that words alone cannot. For this project, use the concepts you’ve learned in this course to effectively apply visuals to a business-related message. Below, you will find just a few examples of how visuals can be utilized to communicate a message in the business setting. Feel free to choose one of these examples, or select one that is not listed. Examples of Business Communication How Each Example Might Look for Your Assignment Presentation on department achievements PowerPoint slides with visuals, and associated speech in the Speaker’s Notes section at the bottom. Print advertisement for your own business Word document or PDF version of an advertisement, complete with appropriate image(s), composition, typography, and company logo. Training materials on your job responsibilities Word document or PDF version of job instructions, using typography, composition, and relevant images to promote clarity. Company website Word document, PowerPoint, or PDF “mock-up” that illustrates what you would want your website to look like. Complete with appropriate images, effective composition and color usage, company logo, and shapes representing where the buttons would be. Informational brochure for a corporate event Word document or PDF version of the brochure, containing appropriate visuals; typography; effective design, composition, and color scheme; as well as with relevant information on the event. Throughout each of the five weeks of this course, you will decide on a message to communicate, determine the most effective platform or medium for that message, and select the most appropriate visuals to support the message. Note that each visual should be referenced. Then, in week 5, you will finalize your communication piece and submit it along with a 3- to 5-page paper explaining the rationale behind your communication decisions.
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CGD218 Week 5 Assignment Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message

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