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CGD 218 Week 1 Discussion 1 Using Visuals to Communicate

CGD218 Week1 DQ1 Using Visuals to Communicate Using Visuals to Communicate. Regardless of where you work or what your career is, learning how to communicate effectively and professionally is important if you want to succeed. Further, learning how to successfully utilize visual media in your communication can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your message. As you will learn, preparing and packaging visual communication is critical to the success of the message being delivered! Take a moment to read the instructions for your final project in Week 5. Throughout the next five weeks, you will work on preparing a message of your choice, through the use of effective visual strategies. For this discussion, identify at least one specific message that you might communicate in the workplace – one that could benefit from the use of visuals. (Note: This can be in either a past, current, or potential future workplace.) For instance, maybe the message involves typing up job-aids and sending them out to your colleagues. Or perhaps it involves delivering a presentation to your boss on your department’s achievements for the previous quarter. Or, maybe it’s related to designing an advertisement for your own business. Whatever you choose to communicate, address the following items in your post: Describe your message in as much detail as possible, being sure to explain what your desired results for the message are. Describe the intended audience for your message. Explain how you think the use of visuals could help you effectively deliver this message to your audience.
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CGD218 Week 1 Discussion 1 Using Visuals to Communicate

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