BUSN460 Week 3 Financial Analysis

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BUSN460 Week 3 Financial Analysis

BUSN460 Week3 Financial Analysis Instructions:   Go to http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/ec/Courses/13775/CRS-DVUO-2148869/Flash/BUSN460/CanGo_Intranet/htm/index.html  Use the financial statements from the most recent year to fill in the table below.    You may find some formulae calling for an average, e.g., average inventory, average receivables.Because we only have the  Balance sheet for one year, you can only use the one year number not an average.      Assume interest expense is $0.00      Be careful of the Debt equity ratio. The review covers debt asset ratio as an example of how to calculate ratios and that is different from debt equity ratio,         and that is different from the debt equity ratio so think about how you calculate the debt equity ratio using the debt asset ratio as an example.       Be sure to cite your references
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BUSN460 Week 3 Financial Analysis

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