BUSN258 Midterm Exam 1

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BUSN258 Midterm Exam 1

BUSN258 Midterm Exam 1 (TCO 1) Excellent organizations are: (TCO 2) The Gallup organization studied the impact of customer ________ on long-term customer loyalty and profitability. (TCO 9) You can gain loyal online customers through a lack of competition if: (TCO 10) Customer dissatisfaction with a firm's phone call handling stems from: (TCO 3) A smile originates in the: (TCO 4) What percent of shopping decisions are made at the point of purchase? (TCO 1) A business will lose 10—30% of its customers in what time frame? (TCO 8) Behavior is: (TCO 6) Which of the following reasons is NOT a reason for not seeking clarification in a conversation? (TCO 7) Which of the following suggestions is NOT part of the minimum requirements for listening? (TCO 8) To end a call: (TCO 7) When it comes to listening versus speaking: (TCO 6) Changing channels does NOT stem from: (TCO 6) Calling yourself Mr. or Ms. may give the impression that you are: (TCO 13) Many customers get their first impression of your company from: (TCO 13) Customers expect a page to load in less than: (TCO 13) Click-path refers to (TCO 6) The first step in handling an upset caller is to ________. (TCO 1, 4) Define what the word customer means in the context of this chapter and discuss the two different kinds of customers that every business has. (TCO 7, 8) What are the three Is of eye communication, and how do you see each used in a typical face-to-face sales encounter? (TCO 8) What is meant by appropriate dress and grooming for the workplace?
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BUSN258 Midterm Exam 1

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