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BUS692 Week 5 Discussion 1 Linking Strategy to HRM Practices

BUS692 Week5 DQ1 Linking Strategy to HRM Practices Linking Strategy to HRM Practices. Read pages 177 -180 from the course text and imagine how “Well-designed HR systems can influence business results.” Read Fast Company’s article on SAS ( as well as the article on CBS 60 minutes (, and visit the SAS website ( to learn more about the company. Consider how SAS used organizational strategy to drive HRM practices. What are they doing that is different than most others? How and why did SAS do what they did? What was their goal? How did it work out? How did it impact their employees in terms of retention, satisfaction, and productivity? Could your firm do what SAS did? Explain why or why not. Present your views in 200 words or more in your discussion post. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Remember to properly cite your sources.
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BUS692 Week 5 Discussion 1 Linking Strategy to HRM Practices

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