BUS 631 Week 6 Final Paper

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BUS 631 Week 6 Final Paper

BUS631 Week6 Final Paper Focus of the Final Paper Each student is required to write a Project Demonstrating Excellence (PDE) Final Project paper that is 8-12 double-spaced pages in length. The student will be expected to take a concept, theory or topic discussed/explained in the text (i.e. inventory control, strategic alliances, technology and supply management, etc.). The student is expected to present a scholarly discussion of the chosen topic and adhere to the format/style required by the APA Manual. The student is encouraged to seek out information from other sources (preferably scholarly) to establish, explain and/or defend the particular points they raise. The learning outcomes to be reflected in the PDE may include 1-5, at the very least, outcomes 1-3 MUST be covered in the paper. Expected learning/critical thinking: Develop an understanding of supply chain management practices and procedures in organizations today. Apply an understanding of how the supply chain system operates and its significance relative to a business operation. The ability to recognize and design a supply chain. Assess procurement and outsourcing strategies focusing on strategic purchasing, outsourcing and the supplier footprint. Review strategies for creating and/or maintaining quality in the distribution process
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BUS631 Week 6 Final Paper

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