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BUS606 Week 6 Final Paper

BUS606 Week6 Final Paper The student will compare the United States and another country of their choice on the basis of cultural differences and Geert Hofstede’s Five Cultural Dimensions. Submit a 10-15 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) comparing the cultures of two countries. The two countries will be the United States and another country of your choice. Information of a historical, political, economic, or social nature that helps to explain the values and placement on the various cultural dimensions will be helpful. Your results will be presented in a written report. We want to educate ourselves about particular cultures, and how the managerial task is performed in those cultures. It is important that thelinkage between certain cultural values and management approaches be explained. Therefore, try to identify the key values of the culture and specific examples of how they translate into specific ways of conducting business in that country. The evaluation will consider the substance, style and effectiveness with which the material is presented to the rest of the class. The written report should include any useful statistics, maps, or other graphics in an organized and comprehensible fashion. The total report must not exceed 15 double-spaced pages, though supporting material may be included in Appendices at the end and not included in the total page number count. In addition, the paper and all references should be properly cited and contain a list of references
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BUS606 Week 6 Final Paper

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